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Great fun was had at the Amy's Big Canberra Bike Ride on Sunday 3 March when Bruce's 30 metre long photo and map collation A 30,000mm Bicycle Tour was spread out on the grass and riders young and old came to scribe their two-wheeled stories and graffito on the inviting white bits on the canvas. See photos >>>

CAC could soon be out in an electronic e-reader version or provided as a smartphone app. Stay tuned!

Canberra's Centenary
On March 13, Canberra celebrated its 100th birthday! One hundred years ago on that day, Lady Denman named Canberra and christened it's foundation stone. See Centenary of Canberra what's on to celebrate through the year, or even choose a CAC ride that passes some of these historic places and gets you into the celebratory spirit, such as Ride 1 Limestone Plains, Ride 2 Building a capital, Ride 3 Riding Walter and Marion's Town, or Ride 11 Art and architecture tour 

To celebrate Canberra's 100th birthday the ACT government is in the process of planning and building a 140+km multi-user trail eponymously called the Centenary Trail It is planned to be opened in mid-2013 uses mainly existing trails with 20km of new trail. Many of the sections of existing trails that the Trail follows, were already included as parts of the CAC routes. Most of the trail will be multi-use catering for walkers, bike riders and occasional shared equestrian routes. There will be a new route along the Murrumbidge River from Point Hut Crossing to Kambah, so this may be a future ride opportunity.

Online Bike Map Resources

as per the Transport ACT web site.."As part of the ACT Government’s commitment to active transport, on and off road cycle path data is now available to provide cycle directions to the public via Google Maps. This enables people to plan a combined bicycle and bus journey with the one online service...." See more >>

The Canberra and Queanbeyan Cycling and Walking Map has been updated and is now available online, or a free paper version available at the ACT government shopfront See more >>

Planning & Building for Bicycling
Transport Canberra and City Services is responsile for building the Civic Cycle Loop - a 3.2 kilometre cycle path that connects Marcus Clarke Street, Rudd Street, Bunda Street and Allara Street creating a loop around the City and connects to existing paths that lead into the city. See more >>

Despite being the best bikes-on-buses service in Australia, it appears that the new long bendy buses that will replace many of Canberra's buses in the near future won't be fitted with bike racks at the front. Seems the combined total length of the bus+bike will be a smidgeon too long. This is caused by a mismatch between design specifications and the Australian Road Regulations. D'oh! One hopes this dire situation can be remedied in time maybe by shortening the buses by a couple of coats of paint and/or bending the regulations (rather than the buses) ever so slightly. See the Bikes on Buses info on the Action web site on the current situation.





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